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LunaNode is a Canadian hoster specializing in hosting BTCPay Server and partner and sponsor of BTCPay Server.

LunaNode can operate its own BTCPay server for less than $10 per month. With this BTCPay server, payments can be received via Bitcoin and Lightning in your own online shop or at the POS.

The installation can be done without any prior knowledge is done with just a few clicks. Here you will find a step-by-step guide to set up your own BTCPay server including a full Bitcoin Node and the LND Lightning Network.

Create an account at LunaNode

Lunanode Homepage

Lunanode Homepage

To register with LunaNode, an email address and a mobile phone number are required for SMS authorization.

Personal data and data are not collected.

After creating an account, the account must be charged in the first step.Charge Lunanode Dashboard

Charge Lunanode Dashboard

Hosting is paid for on a daily basis.

Lunanode offers payment by PayPal and by credit card.

In addition, the payment by cryptocurrencies.

Through the Coinbase option, payments can be made by ETH, LTC, BCH, DAI, LTC and USDC.

Lunanode Billing
Lunanode Payment Bitcoin Lightning

Via the Bitcoin via BTCPay option, payments can be made by Bitcoin and by Lightning.

Generate API Key

After the credit has been made, you click on the API button at the top right of the navigation menu.Lunanode Api Key

Lunanode API Key

You get to the following page, you have to generate an API key.

No entries need to be made in the fields. These are options that can be ignored.Lunanode Api Key

Lunanode API Key

After clicking Create API, you get an API ID and a longer API key.

Set up BTCPay Server

After that, you can visit their special launch page:

This page lists the previously generated API ID and API Key.

At this point, a data volume of 80GB is commissioned for $8.80 per month. This is absolutely enough to set up a cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin with Lightning.Launch Btcpayserver At Lunanode

Launch BTCPayServer at Lunanode

After clicking Continue, the following page will appear.Btcpayserver At Lunanode

BTCPayServer at Lunanode

A separate sub-domain is generated for the BTCPayServer. You can also use your own sub-domain. However, this can also be changed at a later date. Therefore, the standard setting is continued.

On the next page you specify which cryptocurrencies you want to accept. Bitcoin and Lightning is already selected with BTC.

If you select additional cryptocurrencies, additional storage space is required, as the respective blockchain must be stored on the server.

This would increase the original price accordingly.

Optionally, an email address can be stored, which you will be informed about when the installation is complete. If you do not enter an address, you will receive the corresponding information via the email address of the LunaNode account.

As a network, you leave it at Mainnet.

Lightning Implementation relies on LND or C-Lightning to receive Lightning payments.

If you are unsure which version to take, we recommend LND.

The VM Plan m.2 can remain the same with a cryptocurrency.

The hook at Acceleration should remain set if you book for a one-time additional computer power. This makes sense so that the blockchain can be synchronized faster. Without the addition, the process takes about a week. For the additional charge, the synchronization process is already completed after 2-3 days.Configuration Btcpayserver At Lunanode

Configuration BTCPayserver at Lunanode

After clicking Launch VM, the following message appears.Btcpayserver Installed

BTCPayServer installed

Then you have to wait about 5 minutes and then you can click on the displayed link.

At the same time, you will be informed by email that everything has been set up as far as possible.

After that, the following page will appear:Welcome To Btcpayserver

Welcome to BTCPayServer

Here you can now log in to your new BTCPay server. The first account that is created is automatically the admin account.

After logging in, the hint that the blockchain is still being synchronized will appear in the next 2-3 days.Blockchain Synchronized

Blockchain synchronized

When the synchronization process is complete, this message disappears.

After that, you can get to the individual configuration of your BTCPay Server.

For more information, see Configure BTCPay Server

DNS Setup

You have received a domain in the form of from Lunanode.

You can also hang this address under your own domain so that you can use a domain call like

This is useful if you want to avoid warnings for potential pishing attacks or deceptive warning. Then the BTCPay server is behind the https key of your website.

Similarly, it looks better and more trustworthy for your own customers when the Bitcoin payment page is connected to the store’s domain.

To do this, you have to search the external IP of the BTCPay Server at LunaNode.

The External IPv4 can be found under Virtual Machines on the dashboard.

After that, you need to create an appropriate DNS record for the domain. You do this with the provider that manages the domain.

An A-record must be created within DNS management.

For the domain an A-Record btcpay is created with the LunaNode IPv4 address.

After that, you log in to the BTCPay Server and go to Server Settings Maintenance.Change Domain Name

Change domain name

The new domain name is entered in the “Change domain name” field.

In our case, and then we click on Confirm.

Now you can access the BTCPay server directly via your own domain and the payment page is also displayed via this domain.

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